Monday, September 8, 2014

Anna's Rag Rug Purse

"What else can I make with my rag rugs?"
I get this question pretty often.
Here is one crafty young lady who didn't have to ask. . .
Isn't Anna's Rag Rug Purse adorable?
Her Grandmother bought a loom from John last Christmas. . .and Anna has been Rag Rugging ever since. . .weaving the traditional rugs, while venturing out to design other crafts with them, too. . .Obviously, Anna thinks 'outside the box'. . .Maybe she's a Kindred Spirit. . .I'm not an 'inside the box' kind of person either. . .
Kindred Spirit or not, she's definitely an inspiration, isn't she?
Anna's Grandmother Nancy recently emailed me the photos. . .with a short note:
Hello Dru. I had photos of my granddaughter with the first rug she made on the loom I purchased from you last Christmas, but somehow can't locate them right now. But I did want you to see the clever purse she made on her loom. She has enjoyed that loom so so much! It was the perfect gift for our creative girl!
Nancy Kemp
Delta Crossroads
I was thrilled to hear from them and to know that a Delta craft is being passed on to the younger generation. . .
Sure makes all our hard work worthwhile.
Thanks so much, Anna, for sharing your purse with us!
I'm sure others will be inspired, too. . .I may just have to make one for myself!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


         Traditional Hand Twined Rugs for your Home
"Of the many types of rag rugs that became popular about 1850, twined rag rugs are more durable and beautiful than most. It is possible to incorporate intricate designs that are rarely found in other types of rag rugs."
I have shown Mary Zurich's Rag Rugs several times during the last few years. . .Now, she has a WEBSITE! . . .and an ETSY SHOP. . .This lady is serious about her craft. . .as she should be! . . .I love the combinations she uses both in color and fabric choices. . .See what you think. . .

Saltwater Taffy - Heirloom Quality Twined Rug
Creative Rug Studio--SALTWATER TAFFY

Mint Julep - Heirloom Quality Twined Rug
Creative Rug Studio--MINT JULIP

Blueberry Muffin - Heirloom Quality Twined Rug
Creative Rug Studio--BLUEBERRY MUFFIN

Apricot Tart - Heirloom Quality Twined Rug
Creative Rug Studio--APRICOT TART

I've had numerous inquiries from other Rag Rug artists who are interested in starting a business. . .questions such as 'What do I charge?'. . .'Where do I sell?'. . .'What's popular?'  The thing I've found is that 'it all depends'. . .As with any business, you have to find your niche. . .And, it's often a trial and error situation at the beginning. . .That goes for craft shows, boutiques, gift shops as well as online places of business.
I don't sell my rugs but at one time I did make a living designing, making, and selling girls clothing. . .It took a lot of disappointing shows to find the ones for me. . .Likes and tastes were so different in this one state. . .Our own Delta area was a so-so venue. . .Yet, I could travel to the Ozarks and have a sell out every time I set up. . .It was a good lesson learned that I've carried through life. . .Don't give up. . .If you like your product and would buy it, then there are those out there who will do the same. . .Life is a learning experience. . .Some of us get more learning experiences than we want, but it all evens out eventually.
As for Mary, with her talent and eye for color, we know she'll be a hit. . .
John and I wish her a long and prosperous journey with her new business.
If you have a Rag Rug business utilizing our looms, email us and we may feature you in the future. . .It's always nice to know what your doing!