Friday, February 21, 2014

Heide's February Apron of the Month

Here it is! The link to Heide's Apron History Pattern for the 
February Apron of the Month!
You may not believe this, but I was trying to put down on paper
an apron much like this one yesterday. . . .I thought it was an original idea!
Never figured out all the dimensions, so I was absolutely thrilled
when I saw Heide's free pattern!
You'll need three fat quarters and the Apron History PDF pattern
from Apron History . . . .She'll also have a tutorial if you'd like to follow along.
I'm heading for the sewing room right this minute.
How about you?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Make-Do Apron from Mary Janes Farm

It's made from a man's shirt!

"In my mother’s day, women used to take the collar off a frayed shirt, turn it around, and stitch it back on. When that side wore out, they often used the fabric to make something else—a quilt, or in this case, an apron. Patterned fabrics from one shirt can be used to edge an apron cut from another. It’s easy to make attractive complementary combinations to create a vintage-style apron like the one above."

I've seen many apron patterns utilizing men's shirts
in the last few months, but I vote Mary Jane's the best.
You'll find instruction at:
I have more good news, too!
My friend Heide at Apron History
will be sharing one of her apron patterns
each month, and I'll be linking up with her
so that you don't miss a single one of them!
I think it will be great fun and who couldn't use
a new apron each month for their kitchen?
Check out her January pick HERE
Watch for the February Apron link at Our Old Country Store soon!
Til then you could grab a man's shirt (but not off his back, Ladies)
and get stitching on Mary Jane's Make-Do Apron.
I think it's a winner!