Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Finds

Ran into a few Farmhouse items for sale this weekend.
Wasn't officially shopping. . . .
But, sometimes that's how it goes.

I try to be a good "Boy Scout". . . .
bring along plenty of money--
and packing material,
whether I'm junkin' or not!

Glass domes for cloches, ironstone pitchers. . . .

A farmhouse style print. . .

Crocks, china, a potato masher, huge glass jars. . . .

Yes. . . .I'm glad I was prepared. . . .even if I wasn't shopping. . . .

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rugging and Quilting--What Fun!

I think we had loads of Fun at the latest Rag Rug Workshop. . . .

Don't You?

Just look at the smiles. . . .

There were a few ladies who weren't able to attend our Rag Rug Workshop at the college a couple of weeks ago. . . .So, they contacted me, wanting their own workshop at the local Catholic school. . . .Of course, John and I said 'Yes!'. . . .We met with them yesterday afternoon. . . .and what fun we had!

These ladies are super talented. . . .They were also working on a Bow Tie Quilt, to be raffled off during the Fall Festival. . . .I love quilting and quilts, so it was a treat for me to see and admire their work. . . .

Loved the cute little bunny pin cushions. . . .
I think they should make those and sell them, too!

Thanks so much ladies for a wonderful afternoon of "female bonding plus one (John!)"

Just one tip to leave you with. . . .

When stringing the warp, use STURDY clothespins to hold everything tight. . . .Older clothespins are the best. . . .The newer ones don't hold as well.

I have a post in the making with tips from Mary! Be sure and watch for it soon!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rag Rug Loom Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the Winner of the Mini Rag Rug Loom Giveaway!

Boo (our almost human cat) wasn't here this time to pick the winner.
I decided John should do the honors, since he's the one who makes the looms.
We put everyone's name in a bowl that I held high so John couldn't peek. . . .

Who is it? 
Well. . . . .the Winner is. . . .

Elizabeth at Blue Clear Sky!!!!

Send me an email with your full name and address and your Mini Loom 
and instructions will be on their way!

Thanks so much to everyone for your entry and enthusiasm about our looms.
You're all TOPS in our book!

I'll have some follow up on another class I'm teaching this week--
as well as a couple more tips--one day soon.

If any of you would like to share your rag rug with us,
send me a photo via email. . . .Once I receive several,
I'll post them for all to see!

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday Finds

We had business in Paragould, AR Friday,
so to mix a little pleasure with business,
we stopped at five antique malls, one thrift store,
and three yards sales.

Warmer weather is here. . . .
and the buys are out there!

Seemed as if I was running into lots of buys on
Farmhouse/Cottage style dishes, 
Ironstone platters, vintage clothing, 
and a wicker piece or two.
Fine with me. . . .
I love them all

 Here's just a few of our finds. . . .
A pristine early 1900s girl's smock in linen came home with me. . .
as did vintage books, hankies, old lace and the bottom half of a lantern.

Two really cute pink china and ceramic potties,
pink baby booties, and a beautiful little Hull vase.
I already have one of these vases and love it. 

Ironstone and china platters seemed to jump into my hands all day long. . . .

I did find a few practical items to tote home. . . .
dish pans and more buckets--
just can't seem to get enough of those either.
John found the vintage camera for 1.99. . . .
I found two bags of memorabilia for 1.00

We saw lots of bargains all day--
so tempting to buy. . . .but I resisted and remained true
to the items I needed. 

Interested in testing your luck in Paragould?
Just follow AR Hwy 412 East.
It's also called East Kingshighway inside city limits.
You'll find flea markets and antique malls all along the road.
A few are only open Thurs-Sat, but you'll still have plenty of shopping available.

There's one place you shouldn't miss. . . .
Amazing Things at 215 E. Kingshighway (412), 870-236-8222
Always a treat. . . .
Others include: Bucca John's, 412 Flea Market, Antique Treasures.
If you venture downtown, you'll find even more interesting places to visit, 
including an Abilities Unlimited Thrift Store.
Most weekends, there's yard sales galore!
Sometimes an auction or two.
We simply ask the locals what's happening around town.
But, watch out if you do the same--
they might treat you like family and tell you a story or two!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mini Rag Rug Loom Giveaway!

John calls them Mug Rugs. . . .
I call them Mini's
Whatever you call them,
they are cute as can be!

I never tire of making them!

We had our first workshop on Rag Rugging at
Arkansas Northeastern College last week.
Twelve students signed up! 

If you'd like to see a little more of the workshop,
hop on over to The Country Farm Home and read "A Dream Come True"

It was such a success, we decided to celebrate by giving away
another Mini Rag Rug Loom. . .
this time here at Our Old Country Store.
 The Winner will receive a loom and the instructions for weaving.
If you already own a Mini Rag Rug Loom, we'll give you a credit
on any other loom we have for sale.
You can't go wrong either way!

The rules are simple:

Become a Follower of Our Old Country Store
Leave a Comment on this post.

That's it! Easy. . . .

I think you'll want to follow Our Old Country Store. . . .
along with The Country Farm Home, of course. . . .
We have plans to expand the store. . . .It will be THE place to get information on what's new at Our Old Country Store and at our Etsy Shop (coming soon). . . .You'll also find more tips and updates on Rag Rugging. . . .New looms and probably more giveaways. . . .We'll show you lots of junkin' finds and where to junk in the Delta and Ozark areas. . . .And, ladies, I'll be posting some free stuff! All you'll have to do is pay postage!

So, come on!
Enter our Giveaway and Join in the Fun!

We'll choose a winner Monday, April 22!
Mark your calendars.

 Good Luck to Everyone!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Farmhouse Clocks for Sale!

You've seen these Farmhouse Clocks at:
Now, You have the opportunity to buy one!
John's decided to sell a couple of his lovely clocks.
He says he has way too many!

They are charming in any home--doesn't have to be a farmhouse like ours!
Each clock is one-of-a-kind and runs on one AA battery.


The Blue Enameled Coffee Pot is one of my favorites. 
It has a few little paint chips but no noticeable dents or such. 
In fact, the largest chip is the one just above the photograph.

Measures approximately 8"  tall.
Clock hands are metal.
So cute!

$19.95, plus $13 Flat Rate Shipping, Contiguous USA
or Email me with your Zip Code and the Shipping Choice you'd prefer.


I've used the Galvanized Watering Can Clock in several posts.
It's so versatile and fun!

Measures approximately 13" high and 17" wide

Galvanized Tin. Large plastic (but nice) clock hands.
Runs on one AA battery.

$24.95, plus $19.50 Priority Mail Shipping, Contiguous USA
or Email me with your Zip Code and the Shipping Choice you'd prefer.