Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taming Mississippi County, Arkansas--CD by Joe Chipman

People in Mississippi County, Arkansas know the wonderful  talent Joe Chipman from Manila, AR has for telling stories about our Delta in his songs. He has been a local favorite for many years. . . .Born and raised on a cotton farm, he had first hand experience with the bitter sweet challenges of farming in the Delta. . . .He also loved listening to the stories of which his Grandpa and other old-timer's spoke--times that were hard but rewarding. . .Precious memories of family, home, friends, struggle, love of the land. . . .He never forgot them and now he's sharing them with us! 
We are honored to offer Joe's first album on sale as a CD titled, Taming Mississippi County: Hard Times In Northeast Arkansas. He has written original songs such as: "Hard Times", "Cotton Pickin' Time in the Delta", "Roll on Mississippi", "80 Rows of Cotton" that tell the history of early 20th century life on the Delta.  Joe has such a talent for producing a mix of original songs and narration that bring back memories of cotton farming as it once was

If you're from Mississippi County or love cotton farms or folk music, you'll want this CD.  It's a wonderful mix of Delta history. It's our story in song. . . .

Taming Mississippi County:
Hard Times in Northeast Arkansas
CD  $10.00
plus $3.99 Media Mail Shipping

Watch for Joe's newest album to be released soon!
If you'd like to read more about the photo shoot for the album cover,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rag Rug Frame Assembly Tip

A Note from Mary Zarick:
"Mar 26 at 3:59 PM
I received the loom and have finished my first project.
One word of advice for those of you who think the screw holes are too small. Try rubbing the threads of the screws over a bar of soap before inserting them into the holes. The soap makes the screws slippery and they glide right in."
I thought I'd pass on this great tip for the loom assembly and also note that it is necessary to make the screw holes small so that once assembled the loom won't get out of square. John does put together every loom he sends out, to be sure the holes are correct. I do realize it's hard for some of us, which is why Mary's tip is SUPER! I'll be the first to use it!
Thanks so much, Mary!
Your Rug looks beautiful!