Monday, October 28, 2013

Homespun Angel for the Holidays

Well, here it is not even Halloween and I'm talking Christmas. . . .I don't know about you but I have to start a long time before the Holidays in order to finish everything I have on my mind to make. . . .Most years, I fall short. . . .which is why I started these Prim Homespun Angels way ahead of time. . . .I'm making them larger than the instructions say. . . .I'd like to have lots to put on the tree. . . .or maybe to hide in unexpected corners. . . .As friends and relatives visit during the holidays, I'll share an Angel with them. . . .giving them each one to take home to their tree. . . .These are  'Delta Angels' but as you know, Angels can be from anywhere!

Now that I look a little closer--for a cottage look--I think vintage hankies might make some nice Angels, too. . .hmmmm. . . . 

Til next time. . . .

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's a Cotton Pickin' Wool Folk Art Applique Pattern!

I love designing appliqued pieces in wool,
using some original ideas along with the more tradition patterns. . . .
always drawing from the inspiration around me.
And what's around me right now?
Fall for us is fields white with Cotton, ready for pickin'. . . .
well. . . .It's almost ready. . . .
I couldn't resist sketching a folk art piece one day this week,
 based on those white cotton bolls I see right out my window.
My intention was to stitch it up this winter. . . .but I couldn't wait. . . .
I found a few snippets of time during our busy week. . . .

Beginning by arranging the pieces and pinning. . .

 And ending with lots of button hole stitching and cotton embroidery embellishment.
Here's the pattern, if you'd like to give it a try.
Just print it out and enlarge or reduce to the size you desire.

 I truly love how the Cotton Boll applique turned out. . . .By layering the bolls,
it adds dimension to the piece. . . .I almost feel it's time to pick this cotton, too!
I think I'll add the square to the stack of wool folk art pieces that's been growing for the last couple of years. . . .One day, I'll stitch them together for a wool quilt. . .
Have I told you about my Delta quilt designs, based on the utility quilts
 I remember as a child in local farm homes?
One day soon. . . I will. . . .
You can bet on it!

Bye for now. . . .and. . . .
Have a Cotton Pickin' Great Weekend!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Strip a Shirt in Five Minutes

Yes! It's possible!
Just five minutes.
Get those scissors ready!
Here's how I strip a shirt for my rag rugs. . . .
Cut off Buttons
Trim off Collar

 Tear off button plackets; Trim bottom hem
 Clip from the bottom of the shirt every 1 1/2" or so;
I don't measure--it will all work into the weaving just fine.
Tear strips as far up as they will go. 

Trim off sleeve cuffs 

 Clip and tear up the seam; lay flat.
 Clip as before across the bottom of sleeve and tear upwards. 

 Go to the back of the shirt; Spread out flat; Cut straight across,
freeing the torn strips--
lots quicker than cutting each individual strip;
Do the same with the sleeves.
 There's often a 'V' shape left at the underarm; If it's large enough,
strip it, too; Tear strips at yoke.
 Here's all that's left!
I save the pockets for aprons and quilts.
Bundle and tie with the string from the cut-off hem.
That's all there is to it!
'Piece of Cake'

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Rag Rug Looms Become Five


Recently, I asked John if he'd make a Rag Rug Loom for a table runner. . . .I've had others inquire if we had such a loom, so I thought I'd see what we could do. . . .Well. . . .Time went on, John got very busy, and I didn't have the heart to push for yet another loom. . . .

Then I had a brain storm!
Change out the bars on the Large Rag Rug Loom with the bars on the Two-in-One Loom!
It was as simple as removing a few screws.

I have to admit, I did talk John into moving them around for me, since he has the power tools. . . .But, I could have done it with a regular Phillips screwdriver. . . .

The screw holes on the two looms interchanged beautifully. . . .For you who already have the two looms, there's a possibility holes might be slightly off and another hole will have to be made. . . .John uses a template for all the looms, yet there could be a little variation. . . .There was no problem on my looms. . . .

Once we had the table runner loom together, I realized the remaining bars would form almost a square. . . .Oh JOHN!!!!!!! Bring those tools back!

So. . . .two of our Rag Rug Looms is like owning five:
One:  25" x 37"
Two:  16" x 26"
Three: 16" x 13"
Four: 16" x 37"
Five:  25" x 26"
How sweet it that?
Happy Rag Rugging!