Wednesday, December 18, 2013

See Ya Next Year!

Santa packed up the last of our Christmas orders this morning,
and headed to the North Pole. . . .
Now, we can sit back and enjoy the Holidays
with family and friends.
Our Old Country Store will be closed
until January 2, 2014!
Thank you to all who have visited, commented,
and supported our little country store this year.
We've enjoyed getting to know you. . . .
and count you as our friends.
Wishing you a
simply Wonderful Christmas
and a Blessed New Year!
John and The Farmer's Daughter
See Ya Next Year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Rag Rug Completed, Featured in Delta Crossroads, and Shipping Update

Hi Everyone!
 I have a lot to tell you!

First of all, John finished his first RAG RUG!
We were cooped up in the house over the weekend. . . .
Ice, Snow, and really Cold Temps--for this neck of the woods.
John spent the time Rag Rugging. . . .
He's so proud of it. . . .Can you blame him?
He picked the colors and chose strips of his own clothing--
shirts and jeans. . . .
I wasn't real sure about the colors, but love how it turned out.
Speaking of Rag Rugs, we're in the Christmas Issue of

Revis Chipman wrote a wonderful article, revealing the story behind
 our revival of this almost lost Folk Art (in the Delta),
as well as other tidbits, including a little about
If you'd like to read it, there's a free digital copy at:
That's me on the Table of Contents page (15)
and Rag Rug Renaissance begins on page 105.
While you're there, check out the other features. . . .
lots of holiday inspiration. . . .
We were so honored to be a part of it!
Our Old Country Store will be closing next week until the first of the year!
Last day of shipping--December 18th.
We extended the time for a couple of more days. . . .
Mark your calendars!
Happy Holidays to Everyone!
Hope you're enjoy the Christmas Season!

Monday, December 2, 2013

A New Look: Rag Rug and Wool Applique Combined

I've combined two of my favorite crafts--Rag Rugs and Wool Applique! . . .And, I LOVE the look.

The Rag Rug is woven primarily with blue jean strips. . . .The Mom and Chicks Applique is stitched on a felted wool background. . . .Then I used Wonder Under fusible tape to attach the two together. . . .So easy. . . .and so dramatic. . . .Don't you think?

This one won't make it to the floor. . . .It's going on the center of the table. . . .

I plan to add felted wool hearts and other appliques to several of my Rag Rugs to give as gifts. . . .It's amazing how this simple technique adds so much more to the rugs. . . .Maybe an option you can incorporate into your creations. . . .

Just adorable. . . .if I do say so myself. . . .
Our Old Country Store will close for the Holidays
on December 16, 2013. . . .We'll re-open January 1, 2013.
No orders will be shipped after December 16.


Monday, November 25, 2013

Tie One On Day, Chicken Scratch Aprons, and a Free Pattern!

November 27, 2013 - Tie One On Day

Have you heard about TIE ONE ON DAY?
Here's what's happening. . . .
"TIE ONE ON DAY™ Give from the heart on Wednesday – then give thanks on Thursday. This Thanksgiving Eve, Tie One On (an apron of course!) and bring joy to the life of someone in need.
Participation is easy and uplifting. Simply wrap a loaf of bread or baked good in an apron and tuck an encouraging note or prayer into the pocket; then present your offering to a neighbor, friend or person in your community who could benefit from your gesture of kindness. Tie One On – and put the “give” back into Thanksgiving" (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

I loved the idea. . . .Already have an Apron and Pumpkin Bread ready for a special person in my life. . . .But, in honor of the day, I thought I'd share a gift to you, too. . . .A Chicken Scratch Pattern!

I have a huge collection of Chicken Scratch and regular Cross Stitch Aprons. . . .I can't resists them. . . . .Last count there were thirty plus. . . .They are so appropriate for FARMHOUSE STYLE. . . .

Chicken Scratch is very easy. . . .If you can thread a needle, you can do it. . . .The pattern I'm sharing with you came from a vintage kit for a small pillow. . . .I've intended to stitch an apron with a border of these adorable hearts across the bottom. . . .It would also be a good choice for pockets. . . .Let your imagination be your guide. . . .


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Large Make-do Sew Prim For Sale

'Sew Prim' 
That's how the grungy tag labels this extra large
pincushion. . . although it wouldn't have to be used for pins. . . .
This odd looking bird would make a statement wherever
it sits. . . .For yourself or as a gift to someone special.

I did not create the adorable Sew Prim. . . .
but purchased it in Virginia. . . .
Definitely one of a kind--and charming.

He stands approximately 18" tall
and approximately 8" across the main body.
It's a little hard to give him up. . . .but, I must.
My sewing room is over-following.
Large Make-do Sew Prim
$18.00, plus $15 shipping and handling
(I'll refund any excess shipping and handling)

I plan to have more sewing items for sale
in 2014. . . .I'm already gathering them together!
If you have any particular interests,
please leave a comment,
 and I'll see what I can find.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rag Rug Photo Shoot with Delta Crossroads Magazine!


Rag Rugging is certainly catching on. . . .and I couldn't be more thrilled!
When John and I started weaving rag rugs for a hobby, we had no idea how fast it would catch on. . . .Our intent was not to sell looms. . . .That came later. . . .We simply wanted to demonstrate the technique here at the Widner-Magers Farm Historic District. . . .It was a Folk art that reaches back in our Delta history that we didn't want to be lost. . . .Come to find out, it's an art form that has almost died out in a lot of other states, too. . . .

 Delta Crossroads Magazine got wind of our efforts. . . .contacted us and asked if we'd be interested in them doing a feature. . . .Is there any answer to that question but "YES!"

The log house seemed the perfect setting. . . .Our pioneer clothing came out of moth balls. . . .and we set up everything in time to take these few shots for ourselves before Revis Chipman arrived to shoot the official ones. . . .

Revis grew up in the Delta, but she had never seen these rugs woven before. . . .I only remember a lady weaving them way back when I was only 3 or 4.

We spent the entire morning with Revis. . . .and even taught her how to weave. . . .

Not sure when the article will come out, but with my red boots and green skirt,
wouldn't it be perfect for the Christmas issue?
hint. . . .hint
Whatever issue we end up in will be fine. . . .
Just thrilled that we had the opportunity to introduce
'Rag Rugging' to more people. . . .
Spreading the word. . . .

Friday, November 8, 2013

Heart to Heart: A Free Folded Heart Pattern

I have a gift for you! 
An original Folded Heart Pattern
by me (The Farmer's Daughter)
I call it 'Heart to Heart'
Several years ago, I was making lots of the folded star potholders and selling them at craft shows. . . .I was also piecing quilts as a hobby--sometimes for sale. . . .So, one day I decided to 'marry' the two. . . .The result was the Heart to Heart pattern. . . .It's a combination of folded circles, folded hearts, and applique.
I had to make several attempts to perfect the technique and draft the pattern. . . .In the end, it was worth it. . . .Quilt World Magazine got wind of it and featured Heart to Heart in their publication. . . .Needless-to-say, I was thrilled.
I've never posted the pattern online. . . .In fact, I sold them in the past. . . .But, I thought it was time I share with my crafty friends.
Just enlarge the pattern to any size you like (I used a 5" circle as my base) and print it out. . . .Follow the instructions from there. . . .
Hope you enjoy it!
. . .Heart to Heart. . .

Monday, October 28, 2013

Homespun Angel for the Holidays

Well, here it is not even Halloween and I'm talking Christmas. . . .I don't know about you but I have to start a long time before the Holidays in order to finish everything I have on my mind to make. . . .Most years, I fall short. . . .which is why I started these Prim Homespun Angels way ahead of time. . . .I'm making them larger than the instructions say. . . .I'd like to have lots to put on the tree. . . .or maybe to hide in unexpected corners. . . .As friends and relatives visit during the holidays, I'll share an Angel with them. . . .giving them each one to take home to their tree. . . .These are  'Delta Angels' but as you know, Angels can be from anywhere!

Now that I look a little closer--for a cottage look--I think vintage hankies might make some nice Angels, too. . .hmmmm. . . . 

Til next time. . . .

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's a Cotton Pickin' Wool Folk Art Applique Pattern!

I love designing appliqued pieces in wool,
using some original ideas along with the more tradition patterns. . . .
always drawing from the inspiration around me.
And what's around me right now?
Fall for us is fields white with Cotton, ready for pickin'. . . .
well. . . .It's almost ready. . . .
I couldn't resist sketching a folk art piece one day this week,
 based on those white cotton bolls I see right out my window.
My intention was to stitch it up this winter. . . .but I couldn't wait. . . .
I found a few snippets of time during our busy week. . . .

Beginning by arranging the pieces and pinning. . .

 And ending with lots of button hole stitching and cotton embroidery embellishment.
Here's the pattern, if you'd like to give it a try.
Just print it out and enlarge or reduce to the size you desire.

 I truly love how the Cotton Boll applique turned out. . . .By layering the bolls,
it adds dimension to the piece. . . .I almost feel it's time to pick this cotton, too!
I think I'll add the square to the stack of wool folk art pieces that's been growing for the last couple of years. . . .One day, I'll stitch them together for a wool quilt. . .
Have I told you about my Delta quilt designs, based on the utility quilts
 I remember as a child in local farm homes?
One day soon. . . I will. . . .
You can bet on it!

Bye for now. . . .and. . . .
Have a Cotton Pickin' Great Weekend!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Strip a Shirt in Five Minutes

Yes! It's possible!
Just five minutes.
Get those scissors ready!
Here's how I strip a shirt for my rag rugs. . . .
Cut off Buttons
Trim off Collar

 Tear off button plackets; Trim bottom hem
 Clip from the bottom of the shirt every 1 1/2" or so;
I don't measure--it will all work into the weaving just fine.
Tear strips as far up as they will go. 

Trim off sleeve cuffs 

 Clip and tear up the seam; lay flat.
 Clip as before across the bottom of sleeve and tear upwards. 

 Go to the back of the shirt; Spread out flat; Cut straight across,
freeing the torn strips--
lots quicker than cutting each individual strip;
Do the same with the sleeves.
 There's often a 'V' shape left at the underarm; If it's large enough,
strip it, too; Tear strips at yoke.
 Here's all that's left!
I save the pockets for aprons and quilts.
Bundle and tie with the string from the cut-off hem.
That's all there is to it!
'Piece of Cake'