Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Rag Rug Completed, Featured in Delta Crossroads, and Shipping Update

Hi Everyone!
 I have a lot to tell you!

First of all, John finished his first RAG RUG!
We were cooped up in the house over the weekend. . . .
Ice, Snow, and really Cold Temps--for this neck of the woods.
John spent the time Rag Rugging. . . .
He's so proud of it. . . .Can you blame him?
He picked the colors and chose strips of his own clothing--
shirts and jeans. . . .
I wasn't real sure about the colors, but love how it turned out.
Speaking of Rag Rugs, we're in the Christmas Issue of

Revis Chipman wrote a wonderful article, revealing the story behind
 our revival of this almost lost Folk Art (in the Delta),
as well as other tidbits, including a little about
If you'd like to read it, there's a free digital copy at:
That's me on the Table of Contents page (15)
and Rag Rug Renaissance begins on page 105.
While you're there, check out the other features. . . .
lots of holiday inspiration. . . .
We were so honored to be a part of it!
Our Old Country Store will be closing next week until the first of the year!
Last day of shipping--December 18th.
We extended the time for a couple of more days. . . .
Mark your calendars!
Happy Holidays to Everyone!
Hope you're enjoy the Christmas Season!