Monday, August 25, 2014

Tip for Weaving Those Last Few Rows

I must admit, the last few rows of weaving a Rag Rug can be frustrating.
It slows me down. . .besides the pull on my shoulders and can cause my hands to ache.
I probably feel the pull more than most of you,
unless you have fibromyalgia and/or arthritis.
One day I was shopping yard sales and happened upon a package of  vintage Bodkins.
I haven't seen these in ages. . .Do they still make them?
If so, I bet they're more than 39c on the package or the 10c I paid.
I brought them home with weaving in mind. . .
In the past I've used a large 'bobby pin'. . .so I was pretty certain this would work better.
And. . .it DOES!
There were two in the package. . .The one with the loop was a little harder to thread. . .
I used one for each strip I was weaving and zipped right through those last rows.

John has decided--when he has a little more time--that he'll try making a few of these in a size that would accommodate the wider weaving strips. . .In the meantime, check with a fabric store or Hobby Lobby or other craft store. . .I'm sure they still make Bodkins. . .I had just never thought about using them.
It took a yard sale for me to say, "Duh. . .Why didn't I think of this before?"
Hope it works for you!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Change the Strip Size: Change the Rag Rug

It's been a while since I've given you any tips on Weaving Rag Rugs, hasn't it?
Life sometimes goes by too fast.
But, here I am now. . .with an answer to your many questions about strip widths.
There is no set width size for the strips, although we all have our preferences.
Did you know, though, that you can change the thickness of the rug by changing
the size of your strips?
I needed some thinner mug rugs.
I've long used 3/4" strips for the warp to cut down on the thickness.
I thought I'd try 3/4" strips for the weft, too.
It made a much tighter weave, as well as a rug that's not so thick.
I tried to take a close shot for you. . .with no luck. . .
maybe this won't be too blurry. . .

Can you see the difference in the two?
The top mug rug is thinner than the one below.
(Sorry for the blur)

I like the closer weave, though I must warn you that it takes a little longer to weave
since you're not working with 1 1/2" strips that work up much faster.
It's a matter of preference. . .as well as the purpose of the rug.
I'm more than certain that I will make both sizes in the future.

"Vary the strip size and change the look of your rug"
I have another tip to share later this week. . .One I just happened across.
Til Then. . .
Happy Rag Rugging!