Monday, August 25, 2014

Tip for Weaving Those Last Few Rows

I must admit, the last few rows of weaving a Rag Rug can be frustrating.
It slows me down. . .besides the pull on my shoulders and can cause my hands to ache.
I probably feel the pull more than most of you,
unless you have fibromyalgia and/or arthritis.
One day I was shopping yard sales and happened upon a package of  vintage Bodkins.
I haven't seen these in ages. . .Do they still make them?
If so, I bet they're more than 39c on the package or the 10c I paid.
I brought them home with weaving in mind. . .
In the past I've used a large 'bobby pin'. . .so I was pretty certain this would work better.
And. . .it DOES!
There were two in the package. . .The one with the loop was a little harder to thread. . .
I used one for each strip I was weaving and zipped right through those last rows.

John has decided--when he has a little more time--that he'll try making a few of these in a size that would accommodate the wider weaving strips. . .In the meantime, check with a fabric store or Hobby Lobby or other craft store. . .I'm sure they still make Bodkins. . .I had just never thought about using them.
It took a yard sale for me to say, "Duh. . .Why didn't I think of this before?"
Hope it works for you!!!