Thursday, November 21, 2013

Large Make-do Sew Prim For Sale

'Sew Prim' 
That's how the grungy tag labels this extra large
pincushion. . . although it wouldn't have to be used for pins. . . .
This odd looking bird would make a statement wherever
it sits. . . .For yourself or as a gift to someone special.

I did not create the adorable Sew Prim. . . .
but purchased it in Virginia. . . .
Definitely one of a kind--and charming.

He stands approximately 18" tall
and approximately 8" across the main body.
It's a little hard to give him up. . . .but, I must.
My sewing room is over-following.
Large Make-do Sew Prim
$18.00, plus $15 shipping and handling
(I'll refund any excess shipping and handling)

I plan to have more sewing items for sale
in 2014. . . .I'm already gathering them together!
If you have any particular interests,
please leave a comment,
 and I'll see what I can find.