Monday, January 21, 2013

Three More Rag Rugs to View

I have more Rag Rug photos! First, I'll show you Susan's (from Whiffletree Farm) first rug:

She writes to her Facebook friends: "At the end of the year I ordered a frame loom from Our Old Country Store in Arkansas. It measures 25 x 37 inches and uses fabric strips to create twined rag rugs. As a quilter, I do have quite a stash of cotton fabric! Before I was hit with influenza B and then pneumonitis, I strung the loom and started on an all green rag rug. Throughout my recovery (and I am not quite there yet!) I had the propensity to be a couch (or bed) potato but was ordered to get up and walk around every hour in order to avoid developing a blood clot. This gave me the opportunity to weave a few rows during my walk-abouts on my now completed twined cotton rag rug. I think I will try wool next."

You can visit her on Facebook: Whiffletree Farm

I finished two Rag Rugs this weekend. . . .

This denim rug was woven on the new Two-in-One Rag Rug Loom. . . .
If you'd like to see how I'm using it, go to today's post at The Country Farm Home Denim Rag Rug on the Farmhouse Table.
You'll also see and read about this larger rug I just finished. . . .

Winter sure seems to be the best time for Rag Rugging, doesn't it?
Watch for a Mini Loom Giveaway soon at: The Country Farm Home