Monday, November 25, 2013

Tie One On Day, Chicken Scratch Aprons, and a Free Pattern!

November 27, 2013 - Tie One On Day

Have you heard about TIE ONE ON DAY?
Here's what's happening. . . .
"TIE ONE ON DAY™ Give from the heart on Wednesday – then give thanks on Thursday. This Thanksgiving Eve, Tie One On (an apron of course!) and bring joy to the life of someone in need.
Participation is easy and uplifting. Simply wrap a loaf of bread or baked good in an apron and tuck an encouraging note or prayer into the pocket; then present your offering to a neighbor, friend or person in your community who could benefit from your gesture of kindness. Tie One On – and put the “give” back into Thanksgiving" (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

I loved the idea. . . .Already have an Apron and Pumpkin Bread ready for a special person in my life. . . .But, in honor of the day, I thought I'd share a gift to you, too. . . .A Chicken Scratch Pattern!

I have a huge collection of Chicken Scratch and regular Cross Stitch Aprons. . . .I can't resists them. . . . .Last count there were thirty plus. . . .They are so appropriate for FARMHOUSE STYLE. . . .

Chicken Scratch is very easy. . . .If you can thread a needle, you can do it. . . .The pattern I'm sharing with you came from a vintage kit for a small pillow. . . .I've intended to stitch an apron with a border of these adorable hearts across the bottom. . . .It would also be a good choice for pockets. . . .Let your imagination be your guide. . . .