Monday, May 19, 2014

Interchangeable Rag Rug Looms, Lower Shipping and Handling Rates, and a Weaving Video Link

Hello Everyone!
We have some good news. . . .Postal costs have soared lately and no one knows that better than us. . . .But, we got together with the local Post Master and figured out a new way to ship that will cut rates for some of our loom sets and will save you some money! Check out our new prices by clicking on the sidebar link to the loom you desire. . . .or, find links at the tab bar above.
And, don't forget. . . .Our Large Rag Rug Loom and the Two-in-One are interchangeable. . . .There are others who sell rag rug looms but the bars can't be interchanged. . . .Changing the bars of two of John's looms will make five different sizes of rugs!
 The Large Rag Rug Loom (25" x 37")

The Two-n-One Rag Rug Loom (16" x 26" and 16" x 13")
By interchanging bars, these two looms will make three more sizes:
16" x 13"
16" x 37"
 25" x 26"
 A Runner. . . .
A Square. . . .
So the possibilities for weaving are:
One:  25" x 37"
Two:  16" x 26"
Three: 16" x 13"
Four: 16" x 37"
Five:  25" x 26"
Add a Mini Rag Rug Loom (6" x 8") and you have Six possibilities!
How fun is that?

Instructions are included with every order. . .
as well as instructions on how to assemble the looms.

John's Rag Rug Looms are a favorite of many. . . .
Here's just one review of the many we receive each week:

From Rita: "In the past couple of weeks I have ordered 2 of your looms. Finished 2 rugs and working on a third. I love it!!! Thank you for making such wonderful looms!  They are well built and easy to use.  I've crocheted for over 40 years, started knitting 15 years ago and now I'm weaving.  I found sheets at the thrift shop the other day that match my son's kitchen in his new house perfectly. Housewarming present!! 
Looking forward to many weaving years on your fabulous looms."

If you'd like to see a how-to weave video, you can find a link to YouTube at:

There are many more Rag Rug Weaving videos on YouTube.
At this time, John doesn't have his own DVD. . . .perhaps in the future.
We're also working on a weaving booklet that will be for sale
here at Our Old Country Store.

Let's see. . .Was that all I had to tell you?
If you find a partial refund on you Pay Pal account,
it is for over payment of shipping and handling.
We try to wait until we're sure you've received your looms
and there is no problem with them before we make
any refunds. . .Any other way can be confusing.
Hope I didn't miss any of you!

Guess that's about it for today. . . .
Happy Rag Rugging, Everyone!