Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vintage Drapes for an Autumn Rag Rug

Have you considered vintage cotton drapes for your rag rugs?
I ran across two pairs of cotton drapes from 1964--I know they are from 1964 because they hung in my bedroom--ordered from Sears Roebuck and Company.
Mom had packed them up and saved them in her attic.
They are faded in places, but the fabric is almost good as new.
I took them apart, washed and hung them on the line. . . .
bringing back memories of Autumns long ago. . . .the District Fair, the Halloween Carnival, ballgames, harvest. . . .
Beautiful colors for a Rag Rug Table Runner. . . .or Rug. . .
Don't you think?
All the cotton curtains and drapes I've passed up over the years,
never thinking about the abundance of fabric in them for rag rugs.
I bet I don't pass them up again! 
How about you?
 When you're out thrifting, check out the drapery section.
Never know what you might find. . . .