Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rag Rugs for Local Animal Shelters and Weaving with Plarn

A couple of months ago, we had an unusual request for a special order loom:

"Do you make looms in other sizes?  The reason I ask is because I make crocheted and knitted rag rugs for a local animal shelter, and they ask for 3 foot by 3 foot rugs for large dogs and nursing mothers (cats and dogs) and their babies.  I'd love to make a woven rag rug in that size.  

I've been knitting and crocheting rugs (as well as making toothbrush rugs) for shelters for a while now.  Most shelters will give you sheets in return for you making rugs for them, so that makes it easier financially to help them out.  Again - most people who make rugs for shelters stop at 2 feet by 2 feet, so making these larger rugs fills a void.  I've also been making rugs for my vet, who is a fellow knitter and so TRULY appreciates the rugs and takes good care of them.  I mentioned the loom to her, so she's intrigued."
As it turned out, John did make Monica a special order loom. I think she started weaving the minute she received it! After practicing with the mini loom,
she has completed her first large one:
"That large rug has found a home.  It went with a co-worker who does volunteer work at an animal shelter.  She even has the first recipient in mind - a little rescue dog who's scheduled to have a leg amputated.  Poor dog has had a REALLY hard life, so it feels good to know I'm providing it a little bit of comfort."
Such a generous and heartfelt thing to do. . . .
I love this story.
And, Monica has reminded me that rag rugs can be woven 
with almost any material:
"At some point, I want to make a large rug from plastic strips (plastic yarn aka "plarn").  I've knitted and crocheted a few plarn rugs, and they seem to be indestructible - they just last for years and years and years.  They're machine washable, but must air dry. . . . I learned about plarn from a site called My Recycled Bags  so I guess I can blame Cindy for starting me down the plarn path.  I was thinking of making a plarn bag composed of a woven body (I already have one side done :-)  ), crocheted side panels, and knitted carrying strap and sending you and Cindy a picture of it."
We want a photo of that project when finished, too, don't we?
 "Getting your looms has just opened up a whole new world for me!  I am SO happy to have them!"

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Monica.
We love learning from others. . . .
Rag Rugs for Animal Shelters and Weaving With Plarn are two winners. . . .