Thursday, March 6, 2014

Debra's Rag Rug Reveal and Link to Weaving a Rag Rug

I'm a little late getting this link to you. . . .Debra emailed me last week. . . .She had finished her first Rag Rug! . . . and has revealed it on her blog: Frugal Little Bungalow. . . .Isn't it fantastic? . . .Love the colors. . . .I've experimented with various patterns myself but I think the simple stripe is my favorite--and much quicker to weave.

To read all about Debra's Rag Rug and view more photos, hop on over there and visit with her. . . .She has a special treat for you, too. . . .A link to a video series on Weaving Rag Rugs. . . .Don't miss that. . . .The instructions John sends with the loom will teach the basics but a video will explain the technique so much better. . . .I like visual aids, too.

Thanks so much, Debra, for sharing your first Rag Rug with us. . . .and the video link, too. . . .And, thanks from John and me for the Shout Out! . . .We do appreciate you!

Happy Rag Rugging!