Monday, March 31, 2014

March Apron of the Month

Yes, it's the last day of March and I'm just now reminding you
that the March Apron of the Month is posted
and there's a free pattern for it, too!
Yep, this is the back. . . .You'll have to
visit Heidi to see the front!
I love the way it drapes.
Hop over to Apron History 
and print out your free pattern!
Our Spring break is over. . . .Had a wonderful
week. . . .Nothing much got done. . . .
but then, that was the plan. . .
We're open for business again!
We have Rag Rug Looms ready to ship,
and I have one more Stitches In Time
book available.
The next few weeks, I'll be cleaning out
and reorganizing our real life
country store museum here at the farm. . . .
No telling what I'll find to sell online from there.
I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.
I'll keep you posted!