Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One Million Pillowcase Challenge & Patterns Link

 713,357 PILLOWCASES and counting. . .

 Have you heard about the
 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge hosted by American Patchwork & Quilting?
It means so much to a child who is sick or in need. . .Cuddling up with his or her personal pillow has brought comfort to thousands of children already. . .

I first heard about this pillowcase project on Sewing With Nancy a couple of years ago. . .and have enjoyed following the movement ever since. . .I have been inspired and proud to be a part of it. . .Most of all, I love the smiles that break out on recipients faces. . .It makes every hour sewing worthwhile. . .
The pillowcases are quick and easy to make. . .Mixing and matching the fabrics is part of the fun. . .Make each pillowcase the same or no two alike. . .Use your creative sewing skills. . .maybe one of your favorite patchwork patterns for the band. . .You are only limited by your imagination.

Choose your own charity for the donation. . .or you may participate through the numerous stores sponsoring their own choice of charities. . .The only thing asked of you is that you record your pillowcases on the One Million Pillowcase Challenge website. . .

Make a Pillowcase. Make a Difference.
Here's how you can help:
1. Find a participating shop (or pick a charity of your own)
2. Make a case (or several!)
3. Be sure your donation counts! Update our online pillowcase counter
 by logging in here and adding your number, 
or send an email to 
and we'll add your number to our tally!
For more information, visit:

You'll find FREE PATTERNS for at least 40 different pillowcases at their website. . .or make up your own. . .The website is packed with TUTORIALS, VIDEOS, and PHOTOS for inspiration. . .TEACHING MATERIALS for kids who want to participate can be found there, too.

Come on. . .Send your LOVE. . .Make someone SMILE. . .and
I GUARANTEE  it will make you SMILE, too. . .